CFA Littles and KIDS

We, at CFA, recognize kids are not only the future of the church but also the church of today. Investing in kids today builds a stronger local church and brings hope and promise to the world of tomorrow as we work to fulfill the mission of the church to go and preach the gospel. We are excited to pour God’s Word and love into their lives! We desire for each child to learn who they are in Christ, lead others with unconditional love, and grow into who Jesus has destined them to become.

Both at CFA Littles and CFA Kids, we have an incredible team whose goal is to present opportunities for kids of all ages to engage in meaningful, fun, and unforgettable experiences. They each meet all expectations of our church leadership and operate with cleared background checks to ensure a safe and fun environment.



CFA Student Ministries is a group of youth who come together to pursue a personal relationship with God and build one another up in their faith. At CFA SM, we gather together with great intention to communicate the gospel message in a real way through games, passionate worship, and relevant teaching. Students will not want to miss each opportunity afforded them to create longlasting friendships and connect with Jesus and grow their relationship with him.

At CFA SM we declare that we will worship God with our lives, utilize the gifts God has given us through opportunities to lead, and learn how to equip ourselves to reach our schools and communities with the life-saving gospel of Christ.


CFA Worship

Psalm 71:23 // “My lips will shout for joy when I praise You because You have redeemed me.”

Worship at CFA exists to lead people into life-changing, face to face encounters with God. We believe when we enter into His Presence we can grow and experience Him in new and fresh ways each time we come together. Our prayer is that with each opportunity we gather to learn, we exalt the Lord through our praise and worship. We desire to encounter a holy and God and go deeper into what he is doing in each of our lives and our church.


CFA Life Groups

CFA Life Groups is a fantastic way to grow together in our relationships with Jesus as we learn more about him. Life Groups are designed to be a place of conversation, community, and disipleship that is exciting. We thoroughly believe that Life Groups are essential in fulfilling the mission of leading others into experiencing God's love.

We have four groups meeting every Sunday at 9:30 am on the CFA campus with seasonal Life Groups taking place multiple times throughout the year. All are welcome to be a part of CFA Life Groups. Signing up is easy, just ask one of our volunteers.