CFA exists to connect everyone to Jesus, own their destiny, and serve passionately!



9:30 am // Life Groups

10:30 am // Sunday Morning Worship


6:30 pm // Wednesday Night

(Bible Study • CFA Students • CFA Kids)




Our mission is to connect everyone to Jesus so they can own their destiny and serve passionately! We strive to do just this by fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) in sharing the love, grace, and truth that Jesus has made available to all of us who accept his invitation to live life to the fullest with our neighbors and the world! 

His love is unconditional; shattering every barrier that would keep anyone from receiving the life he wants for each of us. His grace removes the guilt, shame, and condemnation of the world around us, giving us the freedom to come to him and experience the love and life he has for us. His truth brings freedom and addresses the tactics of Satan to hold us back from the freedom and joy of becoming who God has called us to be. His truth is just that, but it is presented in the love, grace, and power to walk in the freedom he has called for each of us! It is our mission to help our neighbor discover the life Jesus wants for all made in his image and receive the life Christ came to provide for us despite the enemy and his futile attempt to cripple us (John 10:10).




Our Vision of CFA is a family of Jesus' disciples growing in our relationship with Him, giving him our all to fulfill the mission he has given us. There are three keywords essential for us becoming disciples in a growing relationship with Jesus and are the foundation of our vision - connect, own, and serve.



Connecting people to Jesus and the family of God all while connecting the lost and hurting around us to his unconditional love is CFA's passion! We believe connecting to Jesus daily is vital to the relationship God intended for us; also, that relating to others on a regular basis is crucial to living an abundant life. When we connect with Jesus on a regular basis through personal times of prayer and reading The Bible, it is our innate desire to then connect with others, building one another up in faith.


We strive to cultivate a culture of ownership, consciously breaking the popular mindset of being a consumer and creating space for owners and givers to operate in the gifts and talents from God for such a time and destiny as this. Ownership is a game changer to every person who says yes to following Jesus and the CFA family is committed to helping one another take ownership of the destiny, gifts, and talents God has given us to reach every person with his unconditional, never failing, and never-ending love.


CFA recognizes that serving is at the core of becoming an all-in follower of Jesus, and is best modeled by Jesus as serving others above and beyond himself was at the core of his DNA. Jesus reminds us that transformation happens in our lives when we serve others. When we serve, it isn't for our gain, but for the increase of others at the sacrifice of our comfort. Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve, and it is this revelation of placing others above ourselves that unlocks powerful anointing and allows God to receive the glory. At CFA we make serving a core component of our DNA by creating opportunities to serve one another and our communities.